How Many Potential Customers Are You Losing Due To Website Errors That Fly Under-The-Radar?

It's right under your nose...

You’ve invested an enormous amount of time, energy, and money into perfecting your website. Each new visitor has the potential to convert into a signup or a sale that can pump cash into your bank account. In short: your website is the bedrock of your business!

So, you already know that when your website goes down you are losing money by the minute. Luckily, website outages are easy to spot and fix, and hopefully (if you have great web hosting) they are rare. But a complete website meltdown is not the only thing that's costing you business! What if we told you that there is something even more dangerous to worry about? That your website could be suffering from issues that aren’t so obvious? Ones that only your users are experiencing… And it's happening right under your nose!

These silent killers can take many forms: a page that doesn't load fast enough, a website error that doesn't happen every time or only in certain circumstances, or a broken link. No matter what the cause, the result is the same: you are losing potential customers and can't do anything about it since you aren’t aware of these problems.

When users run into bugs, they don't come back!

Are you a victim?

How do you know if it's happening to you? Do any of these situations sound familiar…?

Don't be kept in the dark

If you're finding out about website problems from anyone other than your technical team, then you’re already in a jam. The truth is that most users don't give a website a second chance after experiencing an issue. That's a lost sale you'll never know about!

You might think you’re safe because you have access to or currently employ a full-time website administrator or development team. But are they proactively monitoring your site for performance problems and errors, or are they just reacting when something goes wrong?

Be prepared!

Work towards nipping silent killers in the bud with Ryan & Carlos’s Website Watchdog and stay hot on their heels with:

  • Bloodhound-like proactive searching of your website’s activity for errors and slowdowns
  • Immediate notifications of show-stopping issues such as server outages and persistent errors
  • Comprehensive monthly analysis of site usage activity, errors, performance issues and the overall “health” of your website
  • Business-friendly explanations for how these issues impact your business and suggested remedies in a language you can understand

At an impossible price of $1000 per month, Website Watchdog will handle all of this for you, sending your website’s silent killers to the afterlife!


Q: Can you coordinate with my existing development team so they can fix the issues you find?

A: Yes, absolutely! Our service is designed to monitor your website so that your team doesn’t have to. You can pick and choose who receives the notifications and reports, and we’ll work in tandem with your team to ensure that they are provided with the vital information they need to diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix both immediate and potential problems.

Q: Who are you guys?

A: Thanks for asking! We're Ryan and Carlos: digital strategists and web developers based out of Midtown NYC. We work with dozens of businesses on formulating and executing technology plans that meet unique needs while minimizing costs. Our work spans from consulting to custom web development to services that help you get more out of your existing website (such as app monitoring and analytics reporting). We hold degrees in Computer Science and are active members of the NYC tech community.

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