Need to get a development project done and wondering where to start?

Think you might have an idea? Think again.

You need to get this project done. It’s really biting at your heels now. Maybe your established business needs a technology overhaul or a new addition to its offerings, or you’re an entrepreneur on a new venture with time-to-market concerns.

But where the heck to begin? The old trusty RFP perhaps? You may have even written a couple of these before, but we have to tell you, going that route is a tricky way to go unless you’ve either spoken to an expert first, or have had them write one for you.

OK, what do I do?

Listen there’s no way around this: you absolutely must have a sit down with a technology professional to examine your business, your project, and their needs to come up with an appropriate plan, or what we like to call, a roadmap.

What the heck is a roadmap? Glad you asked: A roadmap is simply a list of things that need to be done, and in an order that is both technically correct (i.e., a user profile page probably depends on some sort of registration system) and, most importantly, ordered with the tasks that are of the most immediate value to the business up front (think ROI here). Think of it is a well-informed, strategy backed, researched and thought-through blueprint or outline for how to get your project done.

A roadmap is a plan for how to complete your project

What kind of work goes into creating a roadmap?

Every project is different, so it can take different strategies to come up with a roadmap for each. Here’s some of what could be involved:

Your business and project may need one, a few, or all of these things. It will all depend on the outcome of a consultation with an expert.

What a roadmap isn’t

A roadmap isn’t a bid, quote, or proposal. Ugh, we hate to use those words because implicit in them are the usual blindfolded hail mary passses typical vendors will throw at you for your project. The research hasn’t been done and the time hasn’t been taken to understand your unique needs. These words are connotated with uncertainty. There are no gray areas with a roadmap because with it everything has been figured out and accounted for... it’s a solution to your project's needs, not a giant document of fluff.

A roadmap is a completely collaborative effort between client and consultant to figure out a solution for a project. You are encouraged to rip into the roadmap, and to deprioritize or delete whatever doesn’t align with your business goals, especially when money is tight.

Sounds good, let’s get this done

Working with a technology consultant to write a roadmap for your project is the serious way to get it done. Forget shaky RFPs, bids, quotes, clueless vendors, and all the head-scratching confusion that comes with it. All that stuff can be overwhelming. Working with a trusted professional to write a roadmap isn’t.

  • Get one-on-one technology consultation for your business for as many sessions as necessary to nail down you project's roadmap.
  • Get custom-tailored technology advice for your project. We’ll recommend the best tech. to get the job finished now, and to keep it humming along into the future.
  • Receive user personas, validation strategies, user stories, wireframes, and/or others depending entirely on your project’s exact needs.
  • End up with a roadmap detailing exactly what needs to be done to realize the success of the project and a sense of what effort it will take for all involved parties. You can either decide to work with us to execute the plan, or take it to development vendor of your choosing.

At an impossible price of a flat $1000Roadmapper will handle all of this for you, sending your days of ill-informed RFPs, quotes, bids, procrastination, floundering about, and uncertainty to the afterlife!


Q: Who are you guys?

A: Thanks for asking! We're Ryan and Carlos: digital strategists and web developers based out of Midtown NYC. We work with dozens of businesses on formulating and executing technology plans that meet unique needs while minimizing costs. Our work spans from consulting to custom web development to services that help you get more out of your existing website (such as app monitoring and analytics reporting). We hold degrees in Computer Science and are active members of the NYC tech community.

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